‘We Are Animals’ is a research programme which aims to engage with the urgent cultural momentum driving forward awareness about environmental sustainability and animal extinction – and make a valuable research contribution through remembering that we too are animals. Originally scheduled to take place at DRS and Dance 4/iC4C  in the spring-summer of 2020, activities – Performance R&D Project, Artist Residences and CPD Workshops – will now take place virtually over the coming months and in the studio in the autumn. Follow developments via #weareanminalsresearch and on this page.

Research and Development Project

 The project will draw on a wide range of cultural and ecological narratives, which celebrate the human animal as part of human subjectivity. These sources will provide a framework for creative research, which aims to achieve some understanding of human symbiosis and empathy with other animals.

Working with creative and imaginative dance and performance strategies, Jacky Lansley and the research team will look at some of the ways in which contemporary human life separates us from our own animal subjectivity and the other animals we share the planet with. They will gather a wide range of images, references, and metaphors of human/animal dances and rituals from different cultures and eras to explore how the narrative of human/animal hybridity is deep within us.

Working with a variety of improvisatory, dance and performance techniques the team will explore ‘embodying’ other animals and observing our own instinctual reflexes and gestures, towards a re-remembering that we are bipedal animals.

‘We Are Animals’ is led by choreographer/director Jacky Lansley with artist/researchers: Fergus Early, Jreena Green, Esther Huss, Ingrid Mackinnon and Tim Taylor, and in dialogue with academic researchers Professor Ramsey Burt and Dr. ‘Funmi Adewole from De Montfort University.

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