Esther Huss

‘The instinctive human – through the lense of motherhood’

I am the child you know, the familiar form. The four-leaf clover that gently

curves, with its four rounded leaves like the chambers of the heart.

Thrive should you, upright, ruffle, not break your wings and

keep on flying.

Thoughts on animal and human:
  • No separation between myself and Nicki the elephant – two animals expecting to give birth
  • Care and concern for our offspring
  • In tune with our instincts, respond to what’s in front of us, “off the page”
  • Marking territory, mother and daughter explore their compound
  • Foot shuffling, skating along the floor
  • Institute: make it a smooth surface before I can move more broadly
Research themes:
What defines our needs?
  • Instinctive/ fundamental needs
  • Foreplay Dance (baby pre-feeding); mother and baby awake simultaneously
How do we relate to our Young?
  • Provision versus integration
  • What roles do we give ourselves as parents and our children?

Improvisation and being present

  • Looking at things to respond
  • Animal gaze
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