Foot Notes

Films from the Covid Crisis

An Invitation from Jacky Lansley

During the Covid Crisis, Dance Research Studio’s Artistic Director Jacky Lansley has tasked herself to use the studio as well as possible during the lockdown period.

She began by making a series of 3 short unedited films, which focus on her feet, as a form of HELLO to everyone. These films have kept her moving and creating and have all been inspired by great pieces of music.

A couple of suggestions: be careful of socks on slippery surfaces and, where possible, move furniture to create a safe space. Don’t work in the kitchen! If you have one, a garden could work well. It is possible to hold the camera yourself, as Jacky has done, or someone else can film you.

Jacky is inviting others to consider making their own little foot choreographies. Although she has the benefit of a studio with mirrors – you need very little room to make a foot choreography. The important thing is to choose an inspiring piece of music – and you need a phone camera; it is also important to warm up the whole body in order to get the feet moving well.


If you would like to send your foot films to Dance Research Studio we can put them in the gallery below and other platforms alongside Jacky’s films.

Happy foot movie making!


by Manuela Jara
by Amy Cartwright
by Mary Prestidge
by Jessica Loeb
by Ingrid Mackinnon
by Helen Robertson
by Susan Kempster
by Rachel Wise, Feet by Anjali Khurana, Sound by Mumbai Waves
by Sonia York-Price, score by Théophile Krosi Douté
by Susan Kempster
 by Jodie Cole
 by Cecilia Macfarlane
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